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Spring 2018 Trends on Pinterest

With Spring 2018 trends starting to emerge, we wanted to share some ways to use muslin bags for fun Pinterest projects. We love Pinterest because there are so many creative minds that come together to share ideas. Muslin bags are still trending, and users are coming up with exciting new ways to use our product.

Bath teas are a customizable way to add fragrance and moisturizers to your bath. A good blend to start with is equal parts lavender buds, chamomile flowers and rose petals for a relaxing floral scent. If you have dry skin, try adding some almond oil when you’re tossing the blend together. While you can add an herbal blend directly to the tub, it’s much easier to clean up when you use a muslin bag.  Plus, you can bundle up bath tea bags to give away.

These pouches make tooth fairy visits even more fun! We thought this idea was unique and absolutely adorable. All you need to do this craft is a muslin bag and some markers. You can sit down with your little one and design something together. We love that this craft can be personalized to fit your family’s traditions.

Spring is coming, and this next project will help you bring a little extra color to your yard. By combining water, soil, clay and seeds together, you can make wildflower seed bombs. Once they’re dried, you can tuck them in muslin bags and give some away to your friends. It’s easy to plant them – just dig a small hole, and water them and you’ll see flowers peeking up in a couple of weeks. These seed bombs make gardening easy and fun, especially if you have kids.

Cold brew coffee makes a big come back every year when the weather starts warming up. In most cases, people will add coffee grinds directly to a jar and let it steep with water. While this makes a mean cup of coffee, it can get messy after straining the grinds. Try lining your jar with a reusable bag for the same potent flavor that’s a little easier to clean up.

These are some of our favorite ideas we’ve seen on Pinterest lately. Be sure to follow us for more inspiration on how to use Celestial Gifts in upcoming Spring 2018 trends. Comment below with which idea from this post you want to try the most!

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