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3 Easy Mother’s Day Gifts

Pink carnation flowers in zinc bucket with happy mothers day let

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. This holiday is the perfect time to celebrate with one of the most important women in your life. A thoughtful gift doesn’t have to be expensive, but will show your mom how much you care about her. If you haven’t decided what you want to get or make for your mom, here are a few ideas to consider. You can incorporate a Celestial Gift muslin bag in any of these ideas for beautiful, reusable gift wrap.

1. Manicure in a muslin bag. This gift is perfect if you don’t want to do a full-blown craft. All you’ll need is a few shades of nail polish, a miniature bottle of nail polish remover, and a bag to wrap it up in. You can add in a few extra things as well, like cotton balls, a nail filing kit, nail art pens or other useful tools. You can really make this as small or as large as you want!

2. Write down 365 compliments and place them in a muslin bag. The compliments don’t need to be particularly long or complication, but they will give your mom something positive to start her day with for the next year. Instead of just showing your mom you think she’s special, you can tell her with this easy Mother’s Day gift idea.

3. Instead of flowers, you can purchase a plant for your mother that will outlive an ordinary bouquet. Depending on the plant, your gift will live for years with the proper care. A lemon tree, or a flowering bush are great options. You can browse for the perfect plant at a nursery or a local home improvement store. When you’re ready to give the plant to your mom, you can leave the plant potted and wrap the pot in a muslin bag.

All of these ideas are easy and affordable, but still thoughtful. No matter which present idea you want to try for your mom, you can make an even bigger impression by hand decorating your bag. You can check out our Pinterest board for ideas on how to decorate your Mother’s Day Celestial Gift bag. Which one of these do you plan on gifting this year?

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Creative Easter Basket Ideas 2019

Dyed spring time easter eggs against rustic wooden background

Easter is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start brainstorming ideas for what to put in your child’s basket. From year to year, it can be difficult to think outside the box with fresh ideas. Our list of Easter basket ideas have a blend of traditional items and unique gifts that your family will love. Another way you can mix things up and keep the holiday exciting is by using a creative alternative to a traditional basket, like a Celestial Gift bag. Our bags come in a variety of sizes so you can pick something that’s perfect for your family. You can even encourage your child to reuse the bag for something else after the holiday. For a fun project, you could even dye the bags just like you would an Easter egg. Here are some of our favorite ideas for what to include in your child’s Easter bag this year.

  • Small books. No matter the age of your child, a book is a great thing to include.
  • Limited edition candies. Easter candies are a cherished tradition for many families. While this idea may not be particularly creative, it is a classic and should always be included in Easter goodies.
  • Puzzles are a fun activity you can do together with your child. There are lots that come out with spring themes. You can go as advanced or as basic as you want!
  • New clothes. Clothing can be folded nice and small to fit in your Celestial bag. This idea is perfect if you have some teenagers that still get presents on Easter along with their younger siblings.
  • Spring-themed baking mix. Pick up a box of your child’s favorite baking mix. You can cook together on Easter, or you can save the mix for later. If your store doesn’t have anything spring-themed, pick up some food coloring and get creative by dying your baked goods.
  • Crafting supplies. Put an egg dying kit in your child’s bag and get to work expressing your creativity. Tired of doing the same old craft? You can spend the morning or afternoon doing a different spring-related project.


This Easter, surprise your family with some of these Easter basket ideas. And to really break the mold, use a Celestial Gift bag instead of an Easter basket. You can decorate the bags and save them and use them year after year. What are some of your favorite Easter traditions?

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4 Slow Cooker Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

Mulled Wine in Mugs

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect holiday to break out the slow cooker. Using a slow cooker is one of the easiest, most convenient ways to prepare a flavorful stew or cut of meat for St. Patrick’s Day dinner. Instead of spending the day over the stove, you can partake in festivities knowing dinner is cooking and taken care of. Celestial Gift bags can help you save even more time on slow cooker recipes. You can bundle herbs and spices in a muslin bag and cut down on prep time. Here are a few ideas for how you can use your slow cooker this St. Patrick’s Day.

  1. Nothing is more classic than corned beef and cabbage. This traditional Irish dish couldn’t be easier when you use a slow cooker. One of the key ingredients in corned beef, whole peppercorns, can be difficult to fish out when you’re serving your guests. You don’t want someone to accidentally bite down into a spicy peppercorn! You can achieve the same flavor by measuring out peppercorns and placing them in a Celestial Gift bag before adding to your slow cooker.
  2. Irish stews are also a popular choice for St. Paddy’s Day. Typically, Irish stews are packed with beef, potatoes and peas in a thick gravy. This slow cooker idea is easy to put together and extremely flavorful. For an extra-flavorful gravy, place several bay leaves in a cotton bag so the flavor infuses with your stew.
  3. Dublin coddle is a well-loved Irish dish that’s made easy with a slow cooker. This slow cooker idea is perfect if you are looking to stay away from beef. Dublin or Irish coddle is typically made with sausages and root vegetables. Sprigs of thyme and bay leaves are an essential part of this dish. Stuffing a Celestial bag with those two magic ingredients will give you a hearty, savory meal that’s sure to please.
  4. Appetizers are always a hit. If you’re hosting a party but don’t want to prepare a full-blown meal, make an appetizer in the crock pot. Meatballs with potato bites is a great option that’s still appropriate for the holiday. Or, if you don’t mind offering something less traditional, heat up a melty cheese dip.

No matter what slow cooker idea you decide to try this year, always remember to use a Celestial Gift bag that does not have a colored string. Our Pinterest page has a board dedicated to slow cooker recipes. Have you seen it yet? You’ll find recipes for all of these ideas and more!

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Our Favorite 2019 Etsy Trends

Organizing Carry On Luggage with Celestial Gifts Cotton Bags

The New Year is here, which means it’s time to keep an eye on 2019 Etsy trends! As an Etsy shop owner, it’s important to look at trends and determine which ones you can seamlessly incorporate into your shop. While many pieces on Etsy are timeless, finding little ways to freshen your product can often make a huge difference in sales. This year, the top trend on Etsy as stated by their trend expert, is “Being Real.” At Celestial Gifts, we are completely on board with this trend prediction. Here are some of the top reasons you should use Celestial Gifts as packaging to stay relevant with 2019 Etsy trends.

  1. All-natural products have been trending for a while, and we don’t see any signs of that stopping soon. Since 2019 is officially declared as the year of Being Real, products with recognizable ingredients will continue to grow in popularity. This is great news for shop owners who specialize in making natural beauty products. Use Celestial Gifts for packaging as natural and effortless as your products.
  2. Even though “maximalism” is on the rise, grounding a louder piece with earthy colors will stand out in a good way. The number one predicted color for 2019 is burnt orange. Even though bolder pieces are expected to trend, shoppers are still craving more natural colors. Our bags stain beautifully, and you could easily incorporate this color trend to impress your customers.
  3. Shoppers will continue to be more aware and drawn to sustainability. Celestial Gifts bags are made from 100% U.S. grown cotton, and are biodegradable. When you use a muslin bag as packaging, you’re giving your customer something they can reuse. You shouldn’t have to compromise stylish packaging for sustainability. With Celestial Gifts, you give your shoppers a trendy, but still eco-friendly wrapped product. When you’re writing up your product description, be sure to mention your packaging is sustainable and made in the USA!

These are some of the best ways you can use Celestial Gifts to stay on trend with your online shop in 2019. Product packaging can really help leave a lasting impression on your customers, especially when you’re keeping up with leading trends. Do you think Being Real is a trend you can incorporate in your Etsy shop?

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DIY Valentine’s Day Treat Bags

Valentine's day craft

The holiday season may have passed, but Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you plan to celebrate with your special someone, or you’re having a ladies’ night, or spending time with your family, Celestial Gifts can make a thoughtful valentine. We love the idea of making DIY Valentine’s Day treat bags! Treat bags are easy to make in bulk for you to give to your loved ones. You can make cookies from scratch, or fill your bags with traditional heart shaped candies. The fun really comes with decorating your bag! Here are some of our favorite ideas for how to decorate a Valentine’s Day treat bag for your loved ones.

  1. You can stitch a pattern on your bags with a simple needle and thread. This one might be a little difficult to get the hang of, but you will end up with a unique look. Thread for cross stitch and other similar projects would work well for this one. You can stitch hearts, xo’s, or other Valentine’s inspired patterns. If you want to take this one up a notch, use patches (more make your own) and sew those onto your bags.
  2. Try a gradient dye job. Gradients are a popular way to incorporate multiple colors, especially from the same color family, onto our muslin bags. The white from the muslin works perfectly for a white to red ombre. This is a stylish decorating idea that’s on-trend, and could be reused more easily than something that is more overtly Valentine’s Day related. To do it at home, buy some red dye. Start by dipping the bag far up, but not all the way to the top. Then, the next time you dip the bag, don’t dip it in as far. Layering up the dye will create a beautiful gradient effect.
  3. Break out some acrylic paint to decorate your bags. This one is super easy to do with company, and is especially fun with kids. You’ll end up with a wide variety of painted prints and patterns on your bags if decorates one or two Celestial Gifts.
  4. Opt for a stamped bag. If you want to save some time, but still want to incorporate a Valentine’s Day theme on your bags, this is a great option. We can work with you to develop the design you want, and stamp the bags for you, or you can order a design we’ve already come up with. You’ll still end up with a unique, charming valentine, but you’ll have a little more time on your hands to focus on what’s going inside.


Valentine’s treat bags are fun to decorate and fun to fill! For more inspiration or ideas of little gifts you can put in your treat bags, head to our Pinterest. Do you have any other ideas for ways to decorate a DIY Valentine’s Celestial Gift bag?

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New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

New Years Eve Party Hat

New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

The end of the year is right around the corner! Just when the Christmas parties start winding down, it’s time to plan for New Year’s Eve. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to party planning, from snacks to drinks to activities. Ring in the New Year with some of our favorite party ideas that use Celestial Gifts.

  1. Pass out bags of confetti at the beginning of the evening. When your guests arrive, place muslin bags of confetti at the entry way. You can write a simple sign encouraging guests to pick up a bag and scatter the confetti at the end of the countdown. There may be glitter on the floor after the party to clean up, but this is a great way to get everyone excited and involved in the midnight countdown.
  2. Make DIY headache kits as party favors. Let’s face it – your guests may want to let loose with some bubbly at your New Year’s party. Making DIY headache kits is a clever, but still thoughtful party favor for your guests. Pack some ibuprofen and crackers in a muslin bag and wrap it around a water bottle or a single serving sports drink to help them recover on New Year’s Day. Your guests will be sure to thank you in the morning!
  3. Make a bag for people to fill with their favorite memories of 2018. You can create cards for people to fill out with their most memorable moments of 2018. Collect them in a muslin bag, and you can either read them aloud as a group, or let people pull out cards to read throughout the evening. We love this idea because you’ll be able to entertain your guests and create mementos from 2018 at the same time.

New Year’s parties are always a great end to the holiday season. If you plan on hosting a gathering this year, be sure to try out some of our New Year’s Eve party ideas. If you’re looking for even more inspiration, head to our Pinterest dedicated to New Year’s Eve. From all of us at Celestial Gifts, we hope you have a wonderful remainder of the holiday season.

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Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Holiday gift shopping is fun, but can sometimes be overwhelming. Gifts can quickly become expensive, and it can be hard to think of unique gifts for everyone. If you’re feeling burnt out from holiday gift giving, it’s all too easy to forget about stocking stuffers. We aren’t just talking about small presents that can literally fit in a stocking. Nowadays, stocking stuffers typically refer to smaller gifts for your loved ones, or even little presents for casual acquaintances or coworkers. Here are our top tips for great last minute stocking stuffer ideas.

1. Go for a DIY project. We recently wrote a blog post all about DIY gifts you can make in big batches. These ideas are perfect if you’re feeling crafty and want to knock out stocking stuffers for several people at one time. DIY projects work really well as stocking stuffers because they are thoughtful, but can still be low cost and easy, especially if you make a large batch.

2. It’s all about the wrapping. Sometimes, even the simplest gift can be more personal and thoughtful if it’s uniquely wrapped. Celestial Gifts make for a great gift wrap. The possibilities are endless for how you can personalize a muslin bag for each recipient. When you use Celestial gifts as present packaging, your gift is sure to stand out from traditionally wrapped boxes and bags. As a bonus, this is a great way to use up any extra Celestial Gifts bags from holiday crafts.

3. Buy several items in bulk and bundle them together. You can save a lot of money by purchasing a variety of items in bulk and creating holiday gift bundles. A DIY spa kit could easily be less than 15 dollars, packed with a nice lip balm, body scrub and lotion. You could also make a gift bundle of office supplies, mini cocktail or mocktail kits, or anything else your loved ones would enjoy. Place everything together in a decorated bag for cute wrapping your friends will love!

We hope these suggestions for easy last minute stocking stuffer ideas are helpful. These are just a few ideas we came up with – to see more, head over to our Pinterest. What kind of goodies are you gifting as stocking stuffers?

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2018 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas will be here in a little over a month! This is one of our favorite times of the year because we love seeing how our customers use Celestial Gifts. Our bags are perfect for crafts this time of the year, especially DIY Christmas gifts. One of our favorite ideas is to use Celestial Gifts as a wrapping paper alternative. When you give your presents in a muslin bag, the recipient could keep the bag and reuse it.

We wrote a post last year that was all about how to transform your muslin bags into holiday gift wrap. This year, we wanted to give you some ideas of what to put inside your decorated bag. These DIY Christmas gifts can all be made in large batches so you can split up the finished product. You can take the gift bags in to work as a little surprise for each of your coworkers, or you can gift a Celestial Gift goodie bag as an add-on to a larger gift.

  1. Make an extra big batch of cookies and split it up. Chocolate chip cookies or decorated sugar cookies are both holiday classics. If you’re looking to branch out, try your hand at making chocolate snowflake cookies, or oatmeal butterscotch.
  2. Create your own custom tea blend. When you make your own tea, the possibilities are endless. It can be affordable and easy to buy herbs in bulk either online or at a local store. You create a spicy orange blend, or a refreshing peppermint mix. Once you’ve perfected your recipe, fill your Celestial Gifts bags with the tea blend.
  3. Mix up a batch of homemade soap. The craze for natural bath and body products is still going strong. Once your soap is finished setting, you can cut the soap into individual bars and place each chunk into a Celestial Gifts bag. To check out a few of our favorite holiday soap recipes, head over to our

We hope you’ll try some of these ideas out. Using Celestial Gifts instead of wrapping paper is a fun, eco-friendly choice. We even have some bag options that are already stamped and holiday themed. If you try any of these ideas, leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

Looking for more holiday related content? Check out our post about how to make your own advent calendar with muslin bags. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list for more holiday craft inspiration!

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Etsy Holiday Shopping Trends 2018

Christmas muslin bag arrangement

Many of our Celestial Gifts customers are proud Etsy shop owners. Our muslin bags are a wonderful packaging option, and we like to keep an eye on what’s trending on Etsy so you can wow your customers. We know this is a big time of the year as many customers start their Etsy holiday shopping. Today, we’re summarizing some of the top trends Etsy discussed in a recent blog post and how to incorporate the trends by using Celestial Gifts.

  1. This is the perfect time to utilize bold typography. Many shoppers turn to Etsy for personal, unique gifts. Your packaging is the first thing your customers will see, and you want to impress them with that first glance. It’s important to showcase your brand, and a great way to do that is by using a bold typeface that aligns with your overall product style. Don’t be afraid to write or stamp Happy Holidays in a trendy font as long as it makes sense with your product.
  2. Reusable wrapping paper is on the rise. While our bags aren’t wrapping paper, they are certainly reusable. Many Etsy shoppers are concerned about the environment. Not only do these customers prioritize quality in a product, they also want those products to be ethically sourced. This can apply even to product packaging and wrapping. Instead of boxing your product and wrapping it, you can place your goods in a Celestial Gift before sealing it for shipment.
  3. Vintage is trending again. Etsy’s trend writer, Dayna, describes this trend as “nostalgic Christmas.” Essentially, this trend is all about Christmas items that remind the receiver of simpler times. Anything that has a 50s or 60s holiday twist is sure to please – and believe it or not, the cheesier the better! Go for a not-so-subtle print of Santa Claus or a Christmas tree on your Celestial Gifts to fit with this trend. If you don’t have time to handstamp, we offer some pre-printed bags that capitalize on this trend.

These are some of the top trends to keep an eye on when it comes to product packaging. The trend writer also reported that statement jewelry and natural beauty products will likely be popular gift ideas for Etsy holiday shopping. Both of those product categories would work well with Celestial Gift packaging. Do you see any ideas that catch your eye?

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DIY Advent Calendar

DIY Advent Calendar Graphic with Muslin Bags

Create a one-of-a-kind DIY advent calendar using muslin bags to count the days before Christmas.

Advent calendars are a great way to create excitement for the Christmas season and are also a fun DIY craft project. Celestial Gifts bags lend themselves nicely to creative Advent calendars because they are the perfect size for stashing small treats or toys, they hang nicely, and they’re easy to decorate.

To make a DIY Advent calendar with Celestial Gifts bags, first, decide how you plan to hang your bags. The most common format we see is to have all the bags strung in order on the mantel or on a wall. However, you can get creative and hang your bags on a board, a ladder, a branch, or another decorative backdrop.

Next, decide how you want to decorate your bags. You can use these bags over and over each year, so don’t be afraid to go all out when it comes with decorating them. Often crafters will stencil the numbers 1-25 onto the bags, or even sew decorative elements onto them. We’ve also seen great printables on Pinterest you can use to print out artistic numbers and clip them to each bag with a clothespin. This makes for a charming look.

Now comes the best part. Fill each bag with one or more treats, stickers, small toys or a love note. Get creative! This is where you have the opportunity to surprise and delight your loved ones.

When it’s time to use the calendar, you can turn the number around each day (or remove it) and enjoy the treat in the bag!

If you want to look at examples or get inspiration and ideas, head to our Pinterest board.