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DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping

Crafting Supplies for DIY Holiday Gift Wrap with Celestial Gift Muslin Bags

DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping

Everyone loves receiving gifts, but not everyone loves wrapping them. Using paper and tape is fun until you reach your fourth or fifth present. Then it can become tedious and maybe even a little bit boring.

You’ve spent so much time picking the perfect presents – why not create your own wrapping that’s personalized? We thought we would share with you some of our favorite ways you can transform our bags into gift wrapping. These little projects are fun, easy and a nice break from doing the same-old, same-old. The best part is these gift bags are reusable, so your loved one is really getting two presents in one.


All you need for this one is acrylic paint, brushes of your choosing, and a cotton bag. You can freehand your own designs, or if you want, you could use stencils for a more uniform look. Want inspiration? Check out our Pinterest page for some examples we love!


This method may sound intimidating, but it’s surprisingly easy. You just need hot water, liquid dye you can pick up at any crafting store, and a way to stir the dye. The directions for how to use the dye may vary a little from brand to brand, but we can give you some basic tips. Mix the dye and hot water together according to the box’s instructions. You can use more dye for richer color, or dilute it down for pretty pastels. Once everything is stirred together, you can start dyeing your bags.

Here are a few techniques you can try: dip-dyeing the bottom, mixing a custom shade to dye the whole bag, or even making a watercolor effect by painting multiple shades onto the bag.

Custom stamping

If you’ve got a lot of crafts on your to-do list and don’t want to take on another project, we’re happy to help. We offer custom stamping on a variety of our bags. We’ve done stamping for weddings, parties, and even for product packaging.

If you end up trying any of these wrapping ideas, show us on Facebook! We’d love to see your results.

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Organize Your Travel Bags

Celestial Gifts Cotton Muslin Bags for Organizing Suitcases and Carry-On Bags

Organize Your Travel Bags

One of our favorite parts about this time of the year is visiting friends and family. Even though making memories with loved ones is a special part of the holidays, the travelling process is not quite so fun. One of the best ways you can reduce stress is by making sure you’ve got all your road-trip essentials. Whether you’re travelling by plane, car, bus, or boat, having organized bags is key to a smooth trip.

Organizing Carry-On Bags

Organizing Carry On Luggage with Celestial Gifts Cotton BagsWe recommend using our cotton bags to keep everything in its place in your carry-on. One of our favorite tips is to use a separate bag to wrap your headphones or earbuds. This way, you can make sure they’re tangle-free and protected from other goodies in your bag. Another thing you can do is group similar items in one bag. Separate pens, toiletries, snacks, and any other large categories you can think of. Our bags are also great for concealing some of the things you wouldn’t want floating around in your bag, like a passport or extra cash.

Organizing Suitcases

Suitcase organization with Celestial Gifts Cotton Muslin BagsPacking a carry-on is only half the battle when it comes to travelling. Using some of our larger sized bags, such as 20″ x 20″ bags or 14″ x 16″ bags, can help organize your suitcase effectively. One of the most difficult things to pack is shoes. Tuck your shoes into a muslin bag to protect them from scuffing, and to protect your clothes from any debris that might be on the soles. Clothing is easy to organize in bundles, too. Once your clothing is folded how you like it, group shirts together and pants together. Any other articles of clothing can be organized this way as well. Instead of opening your suitcase and finding clothes scattered everywhere, everything in your bag will have its proper place.

These are just a few ways you can stay organized on your trip so that when you arrive, you’re relaxed and ready to celebrate.

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Five Things Product Packaging Must Do

Assorted custom stamped cotton muslin bags - these make great packaging

Five Things Product Packaging Must Do

The simple muslin bags we create here at Celestial Gifts are ideal for product packaging. We find that businesses small and large are turning to us to create custom stamped and even custom sized bags for their packaging needs. These businesses have made us think more and more about our work and why simple, cotton muslin bags are such a powerful packaging material.

This article from Forbes about five things product packaging must do is an interesting read. It confirms some of the reasons we think Celestial Gifts bags are great packaging. According to Forbes, your packaging should stand out while also being very simple. It should pass the “five-year-old test.” That is, if you can describe your brand to a five-year-old, send them into the store to buy your product, and they’re able to get it, then your packaging is hitting the mark. “For example, you could tell a five-year-old, to get the salt pack with the girl in a yellow coat with an umbrella on it; she will come back with Morton Salt,” says Forbes.

Celestial Gifts muslin bags fulfill these characteristics of great packaging:

Cotton bags automatically stand out from the crowd.

In our culture of throwaway packaging, it’s not too often that you see a product packaged in cotton. A cotton bag lends your product another level of quality and interest.

Cotton bags are simple.

They harken back to a simpler time, when things were made well and constructed from simple, pure materials.

Custom stamped bags pass the “five-year-old test.”

Stamped designs are inherently bold, graphic and simple. The medium demands it. Take a look at some of the designs in the photo above. The images are very simple and striking—the Morton Salt girl would fit right in here!

When we started out making our cotton muslin bags, we weren’t thinking about things like packaging strategy and brand recognition. We were just following our gut that these neat little bags were useful in lots of ways. Our customers continually teach us new uses for our bags and new ways to incorporate them into all kinds of businesses. If you are using Celestial Gifts bags in your business, let us know how you are using them!

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Fall Care Packages

Nothing says thoughtful like a care package. Now is the time of year when we get our flu shots, remind our kids to wash hands often, and vigilantly guard against colds and flu. Celestial Gifts muslin bags are perfect for delivering to your family, friends or students their cold season wellness kit. Here are some ideas for how to pack your care package:

Vitamin C
Cough drops/throat lozenges
Hand sanitizer
Hand lotion
Herbal tea
Healthy snacks
Mini pack of tissues
Gummy vitamins
Dried soup packet
Home remedies

Some of these items could be purchased in travel/sample sizes, like the tissues and hand lotion. Others, like the tea and dried soup packets might even be single serving items you have on hand in your own cupboard.

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No-Sew Sachets

We often underestimate the power of our sense of smell. Scents bring back fond memories, remind us of specific people or places, and create an atmosphere that makes us feel good. This fall, we are going to try out some DIY sachet projects to bring the fragrance of fall to our home. And, thanks to Celestial Gifts muslin bags, these are no-sew sachets! Our favorite kind of project.


Many sachet filler materials carry their own lovely scents, and you may be satisfied with those alone. If you want to amplify the scents, you can mix some of these materials and then spray or sprinkle them with essential oils.

Fir needles (fresh or dried)
Pinecones (fresh or dried)
Rosemary needles (fresh or dried)
Dried orange peel
Eucalyptus leaves (fresh or dried)
Cedar shavings (available at pet or farm supply stores—excellent for repelling moths)
Bay Leaves
Dried Cloves
Dried flowers
Whole nutmegs
Cinnamon sticks
Pumpkin spice
Apple pie spice
Rice (rice is a great dried filler when you want to plump up your sachet bag, and is a quick and easy choice if you are using essential oils for scent)


We recommend mixing 15-30 drops of essential oils using any of the combinations below. Use a carrier oil or fixative to help the scent last longer.

• orange, lemon & fir
• orange, cinnamon, clove, vanilla
• peppermint, fir, eucalyptus, tea tree, rosemary
• frankinsence, fir, juniper berry, bergamont

Mix your filler materials together while lightly spraying with your essential oil blend. You don’t want to get the filler materials too wet because your muslin bags will end up with stains on them. Remember, the essential oil blend is completely optional—you can make great sachets with the filler materials alone.
There’s no specific recipe for the essential oil blends. As you are mixing, smell the blend to see if you want to adjust the recipe. After you’re happy with the scent, make sure the filler materials are completely dry before moving onto the next step.
Scoop your scented materials into a Celestial Gifts cotton muslin bags. Cinch the top and you’re done! (Did we mention we love no-sew projects?)

Linen closets
Clothes closets
Coat closets
Bathrooms & Powder Rooms
Under pillows
Hung on doorknobs or displayed in entrance areas of your home

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Keep the Kids Busy with Celestial Gifts Crafts!

Summer is filled with sports games, beach days and cookouts, but the quiet times in between are the ones really matter. Crafts really get your kids thinking and creating, and Celestial Gifts bags are perfect for letting young imaginations run wild! 

Our favorite idea is making time capsules your kids can open when they’re older! Have your child decorate a medium sized muslin bag like this 8×14 Cotton Bag how they like, or have us custom stamp the bag with their initials or a picture! Then, have them write a letter to their future selves and include a fact sheet that includes their name, height, best friends, favorite things and hobbies. Fill it up with mementos of their last vacation or one of their toys and store it somewhere safe to gift it back on a special occasion like their 18th birthday or high school graduation! It will be a great memory for them to look back on, and a fun way to look toward the future.

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Reusable Tea & Kombucha Bags!

You’ve enjoyed brewing your own tea and kombucha for years, so take the next step and make your own tea bags! Celestial Gifts’ 3×5 All Natural Drawstring Bags are excellent for brewing due to their size and dye-free properties. You’ll even save money from one-use bags by washing and reusing them for the next batch!

Making your own tea and kombucha bags gives you complete control of how strong the final product is and lets you experiment with multiple flavors and blends. Enjoy the nuttiness of green tea with the strength of black, or introduce citrus notes to your favorite brew with orange extract or lemon zest.