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Keep the Kids Busy with Celestial Gifts Crafts!

Summer is filled with sports games, beach days and cookouts, but the quiet times in between are the ones really matter. Crafts really get your kids thinking and creating, and Celestial Gifts bags are perfect for letting young imaginations run wild! 

Our favorite idea is making time capsules your kids can open when they’re older! Have your child decorate a medium sized muslin bag like this 8×14 Cotton Bag how they like, or have us custom stamp the bag with their initials or a picture! Then, have them write a letter to their future selves and include a fact sheet that includes their name, height, best friends, favorite things and hobbies. Fill it up with mementos of their last vacation or one of their toys and store it somewhere safe to gift it back on a special occasion like their 18th birthday or high school graduation! It will be a great memory for them to look back on, and a fun way to look toward the future.

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Reusable Tea & Kombucha Bags!

You’ve enjoyed brewing your own tea and kombucha for years, so take the next step and make your own tea bags! Celestial Gifts’ 3×5 All Natural Drawstring Bags are excellent for brewing due to their size and dye-free properties. You’ll even save money from one-use bags by washing and reusing them for the next batch!

Making your own tea and kombucha bags gives you complete control of how strong the final product is and lets you experiment with multiple flavors and blends. Enjoy the nuttiness of green tea with the strength of black, or introduce citrus notes to your favorite brew with orange extract or lemon zest.

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Enjoy Your Backyard Mosquito-Free!

It’s finally warm enough to relax in your yard with friends and family, and your weekends are full of pool parties and cookouts! Make sure your guests aren’t slapping mosquitos or covered in a sticky spray all day with this simple craft using Celestial Gifts muslin bags! Like the bags, the ingredients are totally natural and might be sitting in your pantry!

Simply take several Celestial Gifts bags (we recommend the 5”x7” bags) and fill them with natural repellents such as crushed lavender flowers, or mix several drops of lemon eucalyptus oil, cinnamon oil or thyme oil into mulch or grass. Decorate them to match your home and hang them around your yard! Not only will these bags repel mosquitos, but they’ll smell great too.

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Memorial Day Cookout Favors!

You’ve got a long weekend so why not celebrate? Invite friends and family over for a Memorial Day cookout and throw together party favors using Celestial Gifts muslin bags! These bags blend well with the rustic American aesthetic and will be a huge hit at your cookout!

Start with a medium-sized bag, such as our 6”x8” bags, and decorate them with flags or patriotic colors! If you’re running short on time, Celestial Gifts has custom stamping so you can focus on the rest of the party! Fill the bags with Memorial Day-themed favors like American flags, sparklers (for the adults) and red, white and blue candy! Pass them out and enjoy the fun!